Our Team

A. Nick Grenoble

Connecticut College, UCLA Extension

B.A. Economics, International Relations; TESOL Certificate, American TESOL Institute

Certificate in College Counseling; Member, National Association of College Admissions Counselors


About Me
I founded Teton Educational Services in 2011 to create a network of exceptional educators and provide students of all ages and abilities with the resources to realize their academic potentials. From acute, subject-specific support to long-term planning and skill building to crafting an outstanding college application, we offer local students access to the highest quality academic support and guidance. Students must now compete on a global playing field in an increasingly complex environment, and we know that a small amount of guidance can provide them with an advantage over the competition. Our academic coaches at Teton Educational Services teach students to be independently successful and empower them with the knowledge and skills to do so.

Why I Wanted to Become an Educator
I believe that education is the bedrock of a meritocracy and the foundation for a fulfilling life. As educators, we strive to inspire and empower students. We seek not only to build competencies but also to ignite curiosities. I relish in the joys of stellar report cards, acceptance letters, and scholarship awards, however there is no greater reward than coaching a student through the challenges she is facing to the point where she has acquired the skills and confidence to pursue her education independently and successfully. Educators may never know the harvest of the seeds they have sown, yet we are fulfilled by knowing that we have been a part of the process.

Nancy Morgan Leon

Winnetka, IL
Macquarie University Graduate School of Management, Sydney, Australia; University of Denver; Institut pour les Universites Americaines, Aix-en-Provence, France; Ecole de Ski Francaise,

MBA Finance/Marketing; BFA Communication Design, Premier Degree Ski Education

About Me
Studying at University in Aix-en-Provence, France opened the door to a life of living abroad and in the US in exciting places, France, Australia, Asia, South-west pacific, Silicon Valley, and finally settling in Jackson Hole. Right after college, I worked in Chamonix, then Les Arcs ski resort, France, before moving to Sydney, Australia to work for 2 French multi-national companies and completing an MBA. My career shifted into technology, taking me to Silicon Valley and the world of software and internet start-ups, including international business and adventure travel. My dream has always been to live in the mountains again, combine my interests, share my skills and experience and spend time with family and friends.

Why I Wanted to Become an Educator
Learning and discovery are part of my every day, and I enjoy sharing my experiences, knowledge, information and learning methods with others. My goal is to help others to pursue and accomplish their own goals and opportunities and to broaden their world and expand what is possible. I enjoy the opportunity to also learn from my students, share ideas and perspectives, create energy and excitement in new skills and knowledge and help them build the confidence to explore further.

Grace Tirapelle

Sanger, CA
UCLA; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
 UC Davis

B.A. History, UCLA; B.A. American Literature, UCLA; M.A. English, Univ. of Illinois; Ph.D. English, UC Davis

About Me
Born and raised in California, I grew up in the Central Valley in a small, citrus-farming town. It was as an undergrad at UCLA that I decided to study English and history and have spent the last 15 years researching and teaching in American literature and culture. I love writing and have taught literature and composition courses at the high school, community college, and university levels. 

Why I Wanted to Become an Educator
I love working with students, my own and my peers. I had a few great teachers along the way, as most people can claim, who modeled great lecture and discussion for me, and a lot of my approaches and methods stem from their examples. My favorite aspect of education is the collaborative nature of learning. I take a lot away to develop my own ideas from my students' insights into literary and historical texts. 

Heather Robinson

      University of North Texas

      M.S. Information Science

   Ph.D. Learning Technologies


About Me                                                                                                                                                                                       I am a researcher, writer, and instructional designer. I develop and teach online courses for Casper College and recently completed a teaching fellow position at the University of North Texas. I present and publish my research on constructivist online learning, theory and practice of learning communities, and online collaborative learning. I am passionate about humanizing and improving online learning. I am a Wyoming native and enjoy hiking, cycling, skiing and spending time with my family.

Why I Wanted to Become an Educator                                                                                                                                      I enjoy learning with and from my students and the back and forth sharing process that can result in knowledge construction. I hope to be a guide for my students in developing the skills needed for their future accomplishments in higher education and their adult life. Mentoring was important in my success as a doctoral student, and I understand the value of my job as an academic coach and mentor to my students. I believe in the power of positive role models and the impact that it can have on the life and success of a person.

Alexandra Lockett Gonzalez

Mobile, AL

Tulane University

B.A. Political Science with a Concentration in International Relations


College Counseling Certificate (in progress) 


About Me
After an exceptionally fulfilling college experience at Tulane, I stayed with the university for three years to work as an admission counselor.  This time in the Undergraduate Admission Office ignited my interest in higher education and the educational process, leading me to work as a College Counselor and administrator at private high schools in both Texas and Illinois.  I am passionate about the learning process and love working with students as they discover their own academic interests and educational path. In my  free time, I enjoy reading, running, cooking, and exploring my new city of Bogota, Colombia

Why I Wanted to Become an Educator
Some of the people that have made the biggest difference in my life have been teachers and professors.  These figures served not only to introduce me to new ideas and to challenge me to think in bigger ways, but left an indelible mark on the way I see the world.  Their enthusiasm for learning, their ability to guide me through challenges, and their unyielding support as I learned to find confidence and joy in the learning process cannot be overstated. With these figures so prominent in my mind, I was easily inspired by the call to help build a future of independent, life-long learners.

lisa capra

                                     B. S., University of Tampa

M. Ed., National Louis University

About Me
I was born and raised in New York, but moved to Florida in 1997 to attend the University of Tampa. During my undergraduate years, I was drawn to the field of education and knew that I wanted to become a teacher so I could share my enthusiasm for and love of science with middle and high school students. I have taught in both traditional classroom settings and for the past decade, in a virtual school setting, designing and teaching science curriculum. I also work with young Chinese students, teaching them to speak English. Being outside and enjoying the beauty of the Wyoming/Idaho area inspired my husband and three children to someday relocate to the Jackson area!

Why I Wanted to Become an Educator
Being an only child, I longed for the companionship of a sibling. Going to school was a special part of my childhood, and the positive interactions I had with my teachers in school prompted me to want to share that same feeling with my own students. My favorite part of teaching, aside from watching a student’s face light up with understanding, is fostering a positive learning environment that creates a culture of acceptance, so that all students feel as though they belong in a teacher’s classroom. I feel that only when learners feel cared for and connected, can meaningful learning take place, and I am grateful to work in an environment where I can connect with students in a positive and impactful way.

susan mick

                               B.S. Michigan State University

               M.Ed. Montana State University-Billings

                                      University of Wyoming-    

       Post-Grad Certificate, Educational Leadership                                                                                           

     National Certification, Secondary Mathematics       

About Me
After careers as an energy analyst and architectural designer, I became a secondary mathematics educator and taught high school for many years. I also worked as an instructional coach and math facilitator to help teachers and administrators shift to student-centered math classrooms to empower all learners. I have dedicated my career to helping struggling math students and shifting them to a growth mindset around math. I currently teach a math course at a community college as well. I love travel and being outdoors, especially on my bike or skis! I have two wonderful kids, both in university.

Why I Wanted to Become an Educator
My former STEM careers highlighted the importance of mathematics in our everyday lives and once I had children of my own, I wanted to share the beauty of learning with young people. I feel strongly that math learning is a social justice issue of our time and research has proven that the further students go in their math careers, the more successful they are in life. I enjoy making learning social and interactive for students, and am interested in the international view of mathematics teaching and learning and helping our country find high levels of success as well. I love working with young people and finding ways to close gaps in their knowledge to help them move forward on their life path.

Karin Waidley

                                                B.A.  UC,  Berkeley

                               M.A. Northwestern University

Ph.D. University of Washington

About Me
I hold degrees from University of California, Berkeley (B.A.); Northwestern University (M.A.); and University of Washington (Ph.D.) where I was an Alvord Fellow in the Humanities. My dissertation addresses using theatre as a means to intervene in and prevent youth violence.  Before receiving my Ph.D., I founded and ran a non-profit theatre program for adjudicated youth outside of Boulder, Colorado. For over a decade I served as a Professor of Communication Arts and the Director of the Theatre Program at Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado. My areas of expertise are in Devised Theatre and Theatre for Social Justice. I’ve recently relocated to Jackson, WY where I am an independent artist, educator and consultant.

Why I Wanted to Become an Educator
 I became an educator because I realized how important it is for students to have a voice.  After reading Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, I was inspired to bring his ideas into my teaching. I strongly and passionately believe that through education and its connection to real life, young people can find a place through which to constructively express themselves.  Unlocking a passion of their own through conscious education can enhance their lives in immeasurable ways.