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Teton Educational Services is a private tutoring, academic coaching, and test  preparation company based in Jackson, Wyoming. Since 2011, we have dedicated  ourselves to providing the highest quality academic support available. Our team of  passionate and experienced educators can provide the additional help that students need-­ whether they are struggling to earn good grades in school, building their  academic skills, preparing for the next big exam, seeking admission to the world’s most selective colleges, applying for scholarships, or simply exploring an area of interest. By focusing on the learning process and skill development, we empower  students and prepare them for a lifetime of success.




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Her tutor was not simply a “quick fix.” From day one, she worked with my daughter to create long-term strategies for success, while also offering help with homework and test-preparation. I know that her freshman year was greatly improved by her relationship with her tutor, and that she has developed tools for success for next year and beyond.
— Parent of 9th Grader, JHHS