Tutoring for Every Subject & Every Standardized Test

We hire exceptional team members specializing in every subject and standardized test for grades K-­12.


Learn to Study Smarter &Perform Better On Tests

Build your academic and organizational skills to be independently successful for life.

Customized Tutoring Programs Based on Your Needs


We assess each student’s goals and needs individually to create a customized tutoring plan. We offer several different tutoring packages to meet your needs and budget.

Emphasis on Process, with Exceptional Products

We teach students how to learn effectively with less effort and how to produce the work that teachers are looking for. 

Personalized Progress Reports

Twice per semester our academic coaches write detailed progress reports and offer concrete recommendations to expand the academic potential of their students.

Lowering Economic Barriers to Topnotch Education 


We believe that education is the bedrock of a meritocracy, and that no family should be excluded from our services because of finances. Contact us to apply for financial aid, and join our mailing list for access to our free workshops and study tips.

Become an Academic Superstar

Our former students are now attending some of the world’s most elite colleges and continue to use our techniques to manage ivy league workloads with spectacular results.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Try Us Risk Free

We are so confident in our services that we offer an unconditional money back guarantee. If you are ever unsatisfied, contact us and we will refund your money. 

Trusted by teachers, counselors, and parents throughout the community


We are the most popular tutoring service for teachers in the community. Educators recognize our professionalism and trust us to work with their children.

The TES tutors have a perfect blend of professionalism and competency.
— Parent of 9th Grader, JHHS