Creating a Study Plan

 A study plan is an outline of how much time you are going devote to studying for each of your major tests, and how you’re going to break large blocks of material into smaller, more manageable blocks. Here are a few ideas for getting your study plan built:

  • Make sure you know the details of the exam: What is the date of the test? How long is the exam? Do you know what the format of the exam will be? What materials/concepts/chapters will be covered?  Is it a cumulative exam covering material from the entirety of the year, or will only this semester’s materials be covered?

  • Determine what you already know and what you need to learn:  Material that has been recently covered in class may be fresh in your memory and not need much time for review.  However, older material or concepts that didn't come easily to you may need to be studied in detail.

  • Set a study timeline: Once you have an idea of how much material you’ll need to cover, use a calendar to set specific deadlines for covering particular chapters or concepts.  Break large chapters or concepts into smaller, more manageable chunks.   Be realistic about how much time each day you have available to dedicate towards studying.

  • Stick to your plan!: Hold yourself accountable to your study plan by posting it in areas that you see regularly: the inside of your locker, the mirror in your bathroom or the front of each of your notebooks or binders.  The visual reminder will help you stay focused on your study goals.

*Adapted from "10 Secrets to Acing any High School Test," Brainerd & Winegardner.