HEAR: Guidelines for Effective Listening

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The ability to listen is a key skill for academic success- and one that may take some practice. Using the HEAR strategy, you can train yourself to be an effective listener in class. Use these tips to sharpen your oral comprehension skills.  

Halt:  Stop whatever else you are doing or thinking about. Turn off your cell phone, finish your conversation with your friend and put aside your worries from other classes. This will quiet your mind and allow you to pay attention to the person speaking.

Engage: Center your focus on your teacher. Sit where the teacher will always see you and where you can always seen the teacher. This is usually in the front row or two. If you find yourself distracted by peers around you, remove yourself from the distraction and re-locate to another seat in the class.

Anticipate: Complete required reading and review notes from the previous class session so that you are prepared to ease into the new material being presented to you.  

Replay:  Be prepared to ask questions in class. Don’t be afraid to let the teacher know that you don't understand an idea completely or that you would like the information repeated.  Dialogging with the teacher, or having the teacher explain a concept in an alternate way, will help you comprehend the material and confirm your understanding of it.