What's your Major?

Learning What you Love in High School

As you begin researching colleges and approach application time, declaring a major, deciding what you want to study, or picking a career path can be intimidating tasks.  While you may not have begun this process yet, high school is a perfect time to explore your interests and develop a self-awareness that will make this decision much easier!

Jot Down your Thoughts: In high school, as you explore new activities and dig deeper into the things that you’re passionate about, take some time to jot down a few notes. What activities bring you joy and excite you? In which activities do you excel?  As you make these notes, be specific about why you love each activity and the role that you play. How does your personality and the way you do things shape your participation?  Don’t forget to consider reviewing the classes that you’ve most enjoyed.

Fast Forward:  What do you want to do after college?  Who do you want to be?  These are big questions, and it's okay if you don't have precise answers yet! But, any thoughts that you do have about career choices can help shape the decisions that you make now and as you enter college.  Interested in going to medical school?  What classes should you be taking in high school that can help sharpen the skills necessary to succeed in pre-med courses in college?  Do you want to work in the arts? What organizations can you join that will expose you to a broader selection of mediums? Check out College Board’s Major and Career Search to explore a variety of major and career options and what you can do to begin preparing for each.

Get your Feet Wet: Look around your community for ways to explore your interests in greater depth. Consider talking to your school counselor about activities, internships, or jobs that may be available beyond your school community.  Review community resources like the Jackson Hole News and Guide for events, presentations or volunteer opportunities that would allow you to broaden your experiences in your field of interest. 

Talk to your Neighbor: Or your parents, or your coach, or your teacher!  Find people who are passionate about their careers and ask them what it took to get to where they are today.  When did they decide what to study?  What was the hardest course they took in college?  What should you be doing in high school to prepare for this career?  The people around you can be a great wealth of resources- don’t be afraid to pick their brains!
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