Concentrate on your Concentration.

A key element of academic success is the ability to “get in the zone” when it comes time to prepare for a test or complete an assignment.  Good concentration leads to more efficient studying and can yield better results on tests and assignments. Consider these strategies to help nurture concentration:

Make yourself a study spot.  This should be an area free of distractions that might disturb your ability to concentrate.

Ensure that your study spot is prepared for productivity. Have all of your materials (pens/pencils, papers, text books, calculator, etc.) easily available so that your attention can be focused on accomplishing your goals as opposed to gathering tools.

Choose one small, attainable goal each time you sit down to work. This may be to review chapters 1-3 or to memorize the first three slides of your presentation. Small tasks seem more manageable and less overwhelming.

When you complete your task, leave your study spot and reward yourself with a break.  Have It is important to remove yourself from your study space when you are on break so that your brain begins to associate this space with "work time" and not "play time." 

*Adapted from "10 Secrets to Acing any High School Test," Brainerd & Winegardner.