Using Thanksgiving Break to Get Ahead

 Thanksgiving is a great time to get ahead on upcoming projects or to catch up on missing assignments.  The end of the semester is only a few weeks away, so take some time between turkey dinners and football games to get yourself prepared for the weeks to come.  Start the end of the term on top and in control! 

  •  Check in with teachers: Before leaving school on Tuesday, check in with each of your teachers about upcoming and missing assignments. Make sure to bring home any materials that you need. 
  • Plan ahead:  What projects and big assignments do you have coming up before exams? Make a plan and a schedule for attacking these big tasks.  
  • Get organized: Take a few minutes to gather your materials and re-organize anything that may have gotten misplaced in the shuffle of the school year. Put notes and class assignments in chronological order, file loose papers and worksheets in their proper binders or notebooks, and re-write any notes that might be difficult to read or follow.
  • Start reviewing your notes!:  Even 5-10 minutes a day of reviewing your notes for each class can make preparing for exams less daunting.  Use some quiet time over the Thanksgiving holiday to do a quick review of what you've covered in each class so far.

Happy Thanksgiving from Teton Educational Services!

 We wish you and your family an enjoyable Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends and good cheer!