Fighting Procrastination

Five Tips for Battling Procrastination

1. Design Clear Goals: Think about your classes and what you need to accomplish in each.  Create a time table, with small goals at each step.  Keeps your goals within reason- big goals may seem overwhelming and prevent you from getting started in the first place.

2. Set Priorities: Create a to-do list.  Begin with the most important or most urgent things first. Consider deadlines and due dates for all assignments.

3. Break Down the Task: Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by big projects or tasks. Break the large assignments into smaller, more manageable steps, and then build the project piece by piece as you complete these tasks. On papers, create outlines before writing. On long problem-sets, group questions of a similar concept together and complete groups one at a time.

4. Get Organized: Use a daily planner (or the calendar app on your phone!) and update your to-do list frequently. Write out daily and weekly tasks to give you time to plan for long-term assignments. Check off each task as you complete it.

5. Take a Stand: Be committed!  Stick to your to-do list and hold yourself accountable for completing each task.  Schedule accomplishment-based breaks and rewards.  Adapt your to-do list if you do slip off your schedule.  


Adapted from "Procrastination: 10 Ways to Do it Now," Academic Success Center, Iowa State University.